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Shoalhaven River 28-29/03/09

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Was a beautiful still morning with the fog yet to lift as I left the ramp at 630am.


Headed out to a couple of my favourite spots with great anticipation.


Started a drift not far from Greenwell Point over the flats. The drift was particularly slow as it was almost windless. Tossed the turtle back around on a 1/8 jig head and managed four flatties in five casts - two were keepers. That’s how it remained for the rest of the day.



Arrived at the boat ramp only to encounter a queue of five boats ahead of me at 630am – now that’s a first! Apparently a fishing comp was on. Fog was the thickest I’ve seen it here – visibility was down to about 10m. Threw an SP out the back to drift behind me as I flicked a 4 inch sand eel into about 6m of water. The fog had lifted by now and uncovered another beautiful day as I pulled in the drifting SP. It felt like it had collected a fair bit of seaweed as it was pretty heavy – but no…. a sizable octopus had taken a liking to the turtle back!

Mid morning my :wife: brought our two youngest down to the jetty to do some fishing with me. Tide was up so pumping for yabbies was out of the equation…..hmmmm what will I use for bait? Took them to some sand flats nearby where I decided to use a 2 inch prawn in bone on my sons rod and the remnants of a 5 inch jerk shad in tandoori chicken for my daughter to bottom bash. After a number of repeated “Dad I think I’ve got something” (second only to “are we there yet?”) Isabella scores a 42cm flatty and Nicholas a nice flounder! It made their day (and of course the old mans) with smiles on our dials and fishing stories to tell mum. What a great w/e with superb weather to boot. :thumbup:








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Hi Cam, great report mate and a heap of great pics too, what a great area to fish, love those early foggy mornings.

That has to be a first, an occy on a plastic.


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