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Ebor New England


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I'm heading up to the Styx river NP this easter weekend after a quick stop over at Cresent Head.

going to set up camp in the Wattle Flats and then go wandering around from there.

Any tips on some good spots for a keen trouter around the area.

Last time I headed up there I stayed at Wattle Flats and worked up the river from there.

Some people say that the fishing is no good down there and others say the oposite.

Any comments/advise would be great.

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there is some great dry fly fishing on most of the smaller streams between ebor and dorrigo. alot of the time you only need a royal wulff but take a few others just in case. on cooler days small bead head nymphs do account for their fair share of fish.

hope this helps im heading up the weekend after easter so keep me posted.

cheers mark.

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