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Chart Plotter / Depth Finder


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A friend is considering purchasing a chart plotter , one which includes maps.

The combo's look interesting as they have both potters & depth finder in one

Other than the issue of flicking from one screen to the other , ( I know some have split screens but they are big $$$$) are there any other issues with combos to consider or why it is better to have 2 seperate units



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hi geof in my opion,it is much better to have 2 normal sized units,just so you can see all the info at a glance

and also when you see something that you want to look at closer you dont have to go through menus to get what you want as the screen will already be full size

i suppose it comes down to available funds and how much room is available on the dash too

cheers arman

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Arman speaks wisely! Combo units are a compromise (a good one perhaps but still a compromise).

I've got a good quality Lowrance combo unit (LMS 337c) and anyone who's fished with me will tell you it's a great fishing tool. But the only reason I don't have 2 separate units is I have a 4.8m tinnie and so space is limited. It takes a lot of fluffing around to get to the info I need at times and I'd love to be able to immediately access each part without having to switch.... even as a split screen it still takes fiddling.

If you have the space for 2 separate units... go that way.

cheers, Slinky

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