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Happy Birthday


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Guest abuman


happy birthday dave and my mate yarraone.. have agreat day to you both :icon_peace:

The meal last night was great yarraone :1gathering:

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Many thanks to everyone-it's nice to have a birthday on a non-working day! Hope to have my new boat (14' ply clinker) finished next time I get to Tuross,unfortunately something went wrong with the topcoats and the whole lot started lifting when I took off the masks the other day so I'll have to figure out what went wrong and redo them.oh well,better now than later.This is the job another guy on my boatbuilding forum has made of the same design(I must take some pics of mine):



Looks like he'll beat me to launch day now.

Anyway,with yumcha for lunch,roast turkey for dinner and permission to lash out on my other hobby,


it should be a great day!



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