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South Austalian Boat Licence?


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I have a friend who mooved to NSW about 12 years ago.. When he left South Australia he had a SA boat licence . Back then the Licence did not expire and from what he remembers, it also covered all the other states...

Does anyone know if this has changed?

He does still have an address in South Aus....

Does he need to renew? or transfer?

Does he have to start from the start and get a new , NSW Licence?

:beersmile: Be safe

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GDay Mate,

I think that you will find that he is unlicenced here in NSW. Have a look at this link


It says that if a person has been in NSW for continuosly for 3 months they require a NSW licence.



Yes, this is correct.

I think the same applies if you have been in South Australia for more than three months and hold a NSW license.

Don't hold me to this, but this is what I was told when I was in SA a couple of years ago.


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