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Registration Troubles?


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As mentioned in a previous post i have just got a boat for free off one of my uncles but it needs a new trailer and probably a new engine too. Anyways, before i go and spend all my money I was just wondering if im aoing to have any troubles registering it. It has not been registered for the last 6 or 7 years (because it has just sat in his garage).

I tried to find an answer on the maritime websit but came up with nothing. Will it cost me more money to register or will I need to go and get it checked out (like a pink slip on a car)? As far as I know there is nothing wrong with it anyway, i just wanted to know if it will cost me more, or become a hassle.


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if it isnt already boat coded that will need to be done at around $40 , then all you do is take the boat code form to maritime and fill the relevant forms out their and pay your rego fees, also for the boat code you will probs have to get a stat dec done to prove its now yours,

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Hi Dicko, pretty easy mate. You will need a HIN installed (or boatcode as some call it). You will need a car drivers licence and proof of ownership-if you do not have that come in a get a stat dec form and that will be fine. We can do it here and costs about $70 and then you go to the Maritime and they can register it, than fit a new outboard and trailer and you are ready to enjoy boating.



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