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Off The Stones With Bread


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Myself and Luderick Luke headed out to one his spot X's yesterday morning for a quick fish off the rocks down botany way, before having to make a desperate run to get to work on time. Luke is kindly teaching me the tricks of the blackfishing trade, and yesterday was lesson 1. After completely arse-ing up the float rig, we wet the lines at "point A" in spot X, which had grown an impenetrable wall of weed between us and the shoreline. Had a few possible downs here (was hard to see the little float, and it was bobbing under from swell), but struck to yield nothing. Then it went right under, no doubt a big down and I wound the slack and struck to feel a big bucking monster of a fish thrashing around and shooting off to the left. I gave him as much as he gave me, which was probably caused my undoing in retrospect, as in one last tail beat he was gone leaving me to wind in a completely bent hook :( . Maybe I should have taken a bit longer to wear him out?? While we were still imagining what it could have been 10 minutes later, Luke gets smacked and by the tone in his voice not dissimilar to what mine was, it’s another goooood fish!. A chaotic and frantic battle ensues as Luke tries to get him up higher to get over the wall of weed. He gets him up and over, and despite to fishes last spirited attempts for freedom, he is finally on dry land. I immediately think, wow that is a nice bream! However as I’ve never seen one that HUGE, it never occurred to me (until Luke pointed it out) it’s actually the breambos golden cousin. 40cm of Tarwhine! Luke was grinning from ear to ear, and I was buzzed too. Great fish mate! :thumbup:



After that we tried point B and point C. I managed a couple of bream, biggest being 30cm. Luke found 4 more all up, biggest was a nice one at around 36cm?? but nothing was gonna top that Tarwhine for the day, despite our best efforts and staying out way too long, leading to a frantic rush to get to work. Great morning out, and now I’m addicted to yet another form of fishing (like I needed that!)

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hehehe Sounds like you are hooked on float fishing already, YF!

You could increase the length of your float 'tip' by sliding a red straw over the top of it (assuming it has a bit sticking out of the water for you to see.) MacDonalds straws are usuallly found tossed away all over the place! Grab 'em! This way, you can 'negatively weight' your float, but still have the 'indicator' still showing above the water, making the 'downs' easier to spot. On occasions, I even 'pull the straw up further' if I want it 'taller'!

If just using a 'bobby cork' you could still just make a bit of a hole in the side & stick/glue the straw into it to make it easier to see, but still have it 'running'.

Don't they go??? Whatever it was, it was fun, eh??

Tight Lines (and I bet there will be many! :) )


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Nice work

Always great to try new ideas.

Have caught some stonker black drummer using the same method, just with lots of bread burley.

Good report.


Good effort on using bread for bait yakfishing..... That's no mean size tarwhine at 40cms, that's for sure.... These tarwhine taste very nice compared to silver bream which go well on the plate anyway.... Just like larger size bream, tarwine school up in their most numbers at this time of year, but the problem is they are so hard to find and they're fussy eaters too... Up the north coast we used to fluke them on peeled farm prawns in washes near the rocks one day and on beach worm pieces fishing for whiting in tidal pools the next......It sounds like you are onto something here fishing that spot and casting a float into the wall of weed using bread, as the one you lost sounds like a much bigger tarwine than the one you caught.....It seems you struck a good patch for tarwine in that part of Botany and I reckon it would be well worth going back there with your bread and also fishing with dried beach worm pieces under a float...


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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