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Add to that is that if when inspected the details on the miserable little fading sticker can't be read it doesn't comply. That means you will be fined or at best asked to go inside 2nm. We took a copy of the sticker before affixing ( keep it on boat with a copy of fishing lic and boat lic laminated as one day we will leave wallet in car or whatever) so we have all the details as the sticker ain't going to last we feel.

I haven't bothered to ask if replacement stickers are avaliable to replace damaged or faded ones but hopefully they will produce more robust ones.

Same if they can't read battery expitry date or if one of your moron mates or kids breaks the switch seal on the EPIRB.

I assume at easter there will be a safety blitz going on and they have some new rules to play with

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Looks like another user friendly stuff up, loser pays.... It's time to put all forms of boating regulations and policing into the hands of the master of lunacy to protect the sane, not the regulators. :biggrin2:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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