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Bobbin Head 7/4/09


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I was at Bobbin head yesterday morning and evening having a little pre and post work fishing session.

using some old squid i found in the freezer i caught a sole or a flounder thingy at 0605 hours. stupidly i thought it would be poor tasting and not much flesh so i threw it back, but apparently it was a lemon sole? and it was a good size, i estimate around 20CM but i will find a picture and u can try to judge :) (and tell me what it was :) )


in the evening i brought down 4Kg of pilchards and sat for a few hours with no real action using a whole pilchard.(i was going for something big) at about 8pm i changed down to about a 6 bait holder hook and a little fillet of pilchard and that got me some bites which made me happy and then i caught a small silver bottom black topped fish,(dunno what it was) but it was to small it was 15cm. so i threw that back.. no luck for me , but i will try again tonight.

oh and i got booked on the way home for flashing my lights at oncoming cars to warn them of cops up the road.

Richard :)

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Thats a flounder richard, very similar to the sole. Their legal size is 25cm, i usually throw them back but apparently are good eating, you just have to know how to prepare them, i think cooking whole is the best idea.

Probably good to keep a whole pilchard out and then use smaller bits on another set up so you're covering your options better.



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ill tell you how i go tonight. :) i was thinking i would berley up the water with about 16 pilchards all cut up in bits then whack a whole pilchard in the middle of it. :)

Burley certainly helps but you dont wont to overfeed them by giving them a heap at once, just keep a steady trail going out the whole time you're there and you'll find it more effective

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The silver bottom fish may have been a tailor or mullet they are quite common there.

As Josh says the flounder is delicious, if u catch a larger one try making an easy batter (flour+sodawater) and then coat the whole fish and shallow fry it in oil.


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yeah pretty crap, i wont do that again tho. just low beam on and off next time.


well i went last night and i was on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

within a minute of tossing in the firrst fillet., i had a bream. the size of my knife.. ill dig up a pic , but if anyone here has an emerson commander, it was the same size. :) i tossed it back cos it wasnt what i was looking for. whats the legal size on them anyway? 30cm?

then i helped another guy bring in a 40cm trevally :) pretty sweet. beautiful fish, i caught another bream and let that oner go as well as it was even smaller than the last one, then i caught a yellow fin/tail i think. one of those very pretty blazck and silver ones, and my brother caught a small trevally :)

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