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Hit The Breakwall With Chopper75


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Hi All

Keith wanted to go for a swim, so I figured, as it was nearly low tide on the breakwall, it would be a good opportunity to grab some weed & try for blackies! I gave Glenn a quick call & said, I am on my way - can you get there??

I had already gathered some weed & landed one fish by the time Glenn got there. as he had to set up his rod ..... matter of fact, I had already hooked 3 fish, but the other 2 got off! :1badmood: The last one, just as Glenn & Janet & James arrived

1) It was raining & cold but quickly became pleasant again

2) I had just caught the 4th fish, which broke the hook, I dropped it on the rocks, grabbed it, but the mongrel still got away!!

Still only one fish in the bucket! The last 3 fish were hooked in 3 casts! I thought there was a hot bite on! They were nice fish, too .... the ones that got off.

The really annoying thing is, a bloke about 50m further down the breakwall from me was fishing with bait & only had a tiny sinker on it, allowing it to 'flow down the wall' & snag & I managed to hook it when I was retrieving my line! :wacko: I tried to get the hook from the line, but it held fast. I asked him to loosen his line so I could pull it to shore & remove my hook, which he didn't. The pressure I applied somehow released my hook 'at force' & the hooks, weights & float wrapped around the rod about 50 times ...... and took about 1/2hr to untangle! grrrrr :mad3:

I suggested he put heavier sinkers on when fishing the fast flowing out tide, but he didn't! :ranting2::thumbdown: Dork!!! Luckily we didn't hook him again!

Glenn joined me on the wall & he had some good downs, but there was a lot of crap flowing out too, & we started to get lots of snags! Darn!! Keith eventually arrived, we let the one poor fish go & then another buddy (Cedric's son) also arrived at the wall!!

Poor Glenn & Janet must reckon we know everyone in Forster!!! Keith went to a Chinese Restaurant the other night to pick up some take away (the Fish Pie wasn't ready at that stage, so we chaeted!) As Keith walked in, quite a few people acknowledged him. Then he asked for the order for Pearce & Janet thought it worth a punt on introducing themselves! WHich they did!

James was an enthusiastic on looker this afternoon - God that kid has a gorgeous smile! :)

Even tho it was a bit cool & the snags were annoying ..... we still had some fun.

more fun to come in the future, I reckon ...... hope to meet up again tomorrow afternoon!~ :biggrin2:



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Starting off steady for the Blackie season Roberta. A fun read... Mr Sinker Rig was just there to warm you up for the Easter Break when there'll be 3 people for every metre of rock wall and sand in the greater Forster/Tuncurry area. Might be worth finding some mangrove branches and driftwood to camouflage your weed patches for a few days. :biggrin2:

Cheers, Slinky

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Was great fun. Plenty of fish around, just had to dodge the weed. Some monsters out there, particularly the one Roberta pulled in this morning. The she lost another one which was even bigger! Looking forward to fish again this afternoon.

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