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From Roseville 9//4/09


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Went out with my mate this morning to get him some Easter fish.

Tried for squid at Grotto Point for a while on the way out without success but there were plenty of bite size yellowtail so we settled for a dozen of those and head out to DY wide to give the flathead and mowies a go.

Got one just legal marbled flathead which we kept, one Giant Sydney Cuttle which went back, and one nice red rock cod.

There was Southerly current at DY and with the SW wind we had trouble keeping the bottom.

Tried at Long Reef where I had been getting some nice sweep and a mixed bag but the current seemed to be going east at a great rate and the burly with it, so we moved in close to long reef to about 15m.

After a bit of burly the sweep turned up so we got a dozen or so for a feed.

The live bait we set out only caught another Giant Cuttle which got itself off while we were thinkin how to release it.


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