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Got A Nice 34cm Bream Today


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hi all

My sister & her partner arrived yesterday from Qld, so, after trolling the shops this morning, I convinced them it would be 'fun' to get the yaks out & they could 'have a paddle' over at the Keys! This is a particularly shallow part of the lake, with very little water movement, (tho the wind was up a bit!) and I managed to sneak a rod & some lures onto the ute for me to throw round whilst they were 'paddling'!

About 2hrs later, they returned & I already had a nice bream in my bag! I'd tossed a 2" Gulp Shrimp on a light jig head at the side of a moored boat & saw the line 'tighten'! I lifted the rod & my little Spin/Fly (call that Noodle) rod just bent in half & Slinky's reel held true! A nice 34cm bream came to hand! :) He did his best to get away, but I prevented him from getting to the anchor & reeled him in. When I showed him to my sister she said " Beautie! Breakfast!"


Ah well - i usually put them back, but this one is breakfast!

Hope to meet up with GLenn again in the next day or so to chase those monster blackies again! .....



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