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Parra River Carp.


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Went for a fish this afternoon but tooo lazy to drive to spots x y z. So walked down to end of the road and fished for carp.

Ended up with a nice bag of carp which were donated to another fisho



as well as this little perch which went back.


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well done,

we used to fish for carps when i was in highschool at the same spot. we didn't catch many back then but we did enjoy a cup noodle (thats all we could afford at that time!) :)

G'day Anti-Carp,

Long time no chat... I think I recognise that secret spot... it's Spot 'P' :074:

Nice work mate. I had no idea there were Silvers in there too :1yikes:

Cheers, Slinky

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Thanks guy's,

The silvers have been in the river but we don't catch them on a regular basis but we do get a few every now and then, we also get eel tailed catfish from there but I've lucked out on bass and EP's which people tell me are there but haven't had any joy in this particular spot (but there are others where they occasionally haunt).

On the carp you're right Glen we get them this time on bread they were a lot more finicky. There are a few fish there not as many as in the spot you shared with us, but there's enough to have a great session with them. Bait wise bread, corn work well for the carp but when they are fussy, worms and beef heart (hair-rigged) come into there own.

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