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Easter At Shoalhaven

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Had an enjoyable couple of days down at the Shoalhaven chasing flatties.

Good Friday

Noticeably more boats on the water with rain threatening but not eventuating. It was hard going but I managed a couple of flatties very late in the session. I thought I’d change my strategy and try for bream near some fallen timber….only to have this greedy little fella take my plastic :wacko:


A better one taken with a turtle back earlier in the day


Easter Saturday

Another beautiful still morning that had me pondering on whether I should have brought along my ice skates!


Was heading towards Crookwell when I spotted sambos frolicking ahead. Got within casting distance when I tempted them with a 4” minnow in smelt. First cast and bang I was on! He tried to wrap my 4lb line around the motor but I managed to keep him at bay and persuade him into the net. I really enjoyed the fight of that sambo particularly after all the flatties.


After that I started my drift. The current was pretty strong at this stage however, the wind was non-existent. Ended up with seven flatties in different locations on 1/8oz jig head with either 4” minnow in smelt or 5” jerk shad in camo doing all the damage. Thoroughly enjoyed the session and was back at the in-laws in time for lunch and a couple of :beersmile::biggrin2:






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