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Mh Long Tom -


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Went for a strictly 'catch a feed' land based session in MH yesterday. Noticed some tiny bait fish jumping and finally saw what was attacking them. Sight cast a lightly weighted prawn cube and got an instant hook up. A few aerials and a couple of high pitched screams from my 1500 reel and this was landed.


Measured around 55cm. Had seen these attack my plastics when hitting the flats for flatties in the past; glad to have finally landed one.

Believe it is a long tom. Are they good eating? It reminded me of a pike but it didn't have that pike smell so I bagged it! A quick search on the net says they're actually related to garfish (never caught a garfish before) and despite lots of bones, good eating.

Ended up with it and a keeper bream and 3 large fantail leatherjackets. Not bad for a 3 hour session. At least there's some meat in the fridge now!

There's alot to be said about bagging a feed (and possibly equally satisfying) compared with going for the glamour species like jewies and kings. On the note of kings - anyone have any opinions on how much longer they'll be around the upper reaches of MH?

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According to Grants Guide to Fishes Longtom are supposed to be good eating. I got one 850mm long on a 3 inch Berkeley pumkin seed grub in St.Goerges Basin in January.

I froze it for bait before reading Grant's so haven't got to test, but if I get another one I will.


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G'day klainz. Nice session you had.

Long toms aren't bad eating. I'd only tried it butterflied, floured and fried in the pan which went down well, firm, slightly oily flesh, except the blue bones were a little weird :unsure: . But definitely worth eating. Perhaps you should fillet it to remove the bones if that may put you off.

Can't think of many foods that are blue, apart from blueberries and quandongs.



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