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No Show Sounder


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Good day folks,

My Kayak has been storage for the past year and finally during the easter break I managed to take it out for a paddle. The only problem was that the sounder was not showing anything. The depth of the water keep showing zero while there was no showing of contours of the bottom. The sounder showed that the transducer was connected and when I did remove the transducer, the simulation came out perfectly. Any ideas on how to fix that or is this one of those times I shld just bin the unit and get another one for the yak.



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What make and model is the sounder?

Check their website for a local distributer and see if they have spare transducers.

You say the simulation works okay so I would be looking at the connections, and or the transducer.

Alternatively if you know someone else with the same unit you could try their transducer.

Hope this is of some use.



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