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Easter At Crookhaven.


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Sorry for the late report, been offline for a while.

Went camping down at Crookhaven Heads for the easter weekend, done a bit of fishing but not real good results.

Went over the beach behind the caravan park we were camping in one night, out the 4 of us fishing (wih frozen beach worms and pillies) all that was caught was a small stingray by me :05: .

Then to cap off such a great session, on the way back to camp, when we got back to the gate in the fence between the park and the track to the beach that was ment to be locked a 9pm (we were there just before 8pm) it was locked :mad3::thumbdown: . We were stuck there untill the girls went and got someone to open it and let us back in, it was only about 15min but that's not the point, we were not impressed.

Went out in the boat in the river there (lower shoalhaven, near Greenwell Point) looking for a few flatties. We got a HEAP of little bream, squire and tarwhine, my mate got a just legal jew on a dead baitshop prawn, and I got a flounder, not sure if he was legal as I dropped him overboard while trying to measure him :mad3: Good to get out but a feed of flatties would have been nice.

We were ment to come home on the tuesday but woke up to torrential rain on monday morning and decided to bail. We've got 2 kids, 1 yr old boy and 3 1/2 yr old girl, the little fella didn't like the idea of staying in the tent and off the wet ground and the :wife: and I were ready to come home anyway. We were camping with the inlaws so we left our tent and some other things there for them to bring home wet in the boat, what a way to end it.

Got up tuesday morning to a beautiful day so the tent etc. dried easily enough when it got back.

All in all it was a good weekend, the easter bunny came, we had plenty of :beersmile: just a shame about the poor fishing results and rain.

Thanks for reading.

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I was down there for easter too, fished from orient point up to hospital rock just up from nowra bridge only managed a few flatties and small bream, and some squid from the bay. It is still a good place to fish you just need to watch where the locals go and find the fish as they do move around.

Cheers dan

ps Where did you get the jew ?

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