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Seized Roller Tip


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On one of my heavier rods, the roller tip has seized up, ive only used it a couple of times aswell :1badmood:

Any ideas how to get it rolling again?


bit of innox on a cotton bud and gentle coaxing with some heavy line, gentle heat should help the innox penetrate aswell. if that fails try and open it up by undoing the screw and give it a cleanup.

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I would just remove that roller tip and put a better one. Atleast if you got something big on the end of the line, u wont be worried and just concentrate on boating the fish.

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Get some cord or thin rope and put it through the dead roller and add some wd 40 and pull the rope back and forward with some pressure and it will free up no worries and do this to all rollers after 2 or 3 trips.

Cheers Stewy

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