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Long Time Since Last Post

aussie big bob

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Hi all raiders

It has been some time since my last post in fishing report due to too much fishing.

I have just completed 97 days of fishing. I have completed 4 different comp from river to sea (River = Hay Classic, Leeton Classic and Echuca Classic) ( Sea = Tathra Blue Water) was going to do the Eden blue water comp but had to return to Sydney due to brake issues with trailer.

I have no good new to report from the comps as little was caught to put me into the running for any prizes. But I did keep a tally of all the fish caught over the 97 days.


12 Murray cod

2 yellow bellies

48 snags and 9 lost lures


14 stripe tuna (all in one day)

1 deep sea perch

4 green eye sharks

227 flathead

357 wrasse

10 snapper

15 sergeant’s bakers

4 parrot fish

89 leather jackets

182 slimies good size too

2 banjo sharks

3 kingies

28 sweep

5 gurnets

The highlight of the trip would have been the day we fished out of Eden. The wind was blowing from the north at approx 15 to 20km tried for some kings just near south head but zip.

So headed down to green cape to try for some there but all of those who know GREEN CAPE the wind was blowing 20 to 30km from the north so bottom bashing was the call for the rest of the day. Started a drift from the north bombora of green cape and had differed to the south some few kms. With the wind stilling blowing from the north at a good pace we head back to the north east end of the bay at green cape to try and get out of the wind. We arrive and start a new drift when within 10 mins or so the wind stopped and the water turned to glass this lasted a whole 2 minutes when from the south Mother Nature unleashed her fury. The wind went form zip to 99kms in just 30 seconds I'm not kidding . Well this made it a very interesting ride back to Eden. I took many picture but as we all know that they really do not show just how bad the seas really are so I have posted two of the only other boat that was silly enough to be out there with us. The photo is of a Webster that was in front of us coming across green cape and we passed him just north of green cape and arrived back at Eden some 30mins in front of him (thank god for the crusher). All in all it was a great 97 days and can not wait till I am off again next month.



These are the best two pictures that would give you some idea of what 99k winds do at green cape and remember they do not do mother nature justice you have to be there to understand her real fury.



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Great read Bob

97 days of fishing you would surely have some sea legs for sure

i encountered it at glenbawn last year after 6.5 days

but 97 is a super effort and there looks to be some average days for sure.

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Terrific report and awesome fishing Bob, real star studded stuff mate :thumbup: .... .It's no wonder I couldnt get you on the mobile, I'd say you were probably a little busy during those 99 kilometers an hour winds either sitting back polishing up the gold on all your gear or looking at your fishfinder around those 18th century wrecks near the rocks at Green Cape... :thumbup:

Well done all the way around Bob.....Your 97 day marathon of fishing makes you a man for all seasons and real credit to Fishraider.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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OMG Bob!! Those 2 pics give a very good idea of how nasty it was out there in the 99k winds! :1yikes: I would have been bringing up the burley, that is for sure!!!

Sounds like you had a terrific time in all your comps - just glad your 48 snags didn't result in 48 lures!! Only losing 9 lures wasn't too bad, really!

You certainly got a mixed bag out to sea!!

Good to read your report! :)



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Far out! Some pretty big stats there Bob, and a great post! A couple of stats missing that I'd be interested in though... Like number of kg's tasty fish consumed vs number of litres of :puke: in those seas :1prop: !

We're all very jealous of you :1worthy:

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