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Blackies 24/4


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Went to monavale pool yesterday for some blackies and possibly a bream. The bream werent out there to play, so i switched over to cabbage and weed. There were a few blackies there but they were very finacky just mouthing the bait and sucking it off the hook. Sometimes they're so aggresive!

Found a small crab on the side of the pool and well, it managed to give me my first fish. This was the only time the blackie swallowed it and ran like mad. All in all, a nice session with 3 blackies biggest 37cm (which matched my PB and 2 that got away. Its good to feel some weight on the end of the line after a long time of little fishing!

Justin :1fishing1:

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Hi Justin,

Welldone, some nice blackies there. You got one on a crab, I must say I've never done that before.

I went out this morning but the westerly got the better of me and there was absolutley no wash.

Cheers Luke

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