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First Time Squidding!


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Hi fellow raiders,

I went squidding with the :wife: tonight at Wally's Wharf. It was packed there with quite a few people squidding and catching yellowtail. It was our first time squidding, bought two yo-zuri jigs that I read so much about, a pink 1.8 and orange 2.0. No one seemed to have much luck until I hooked something and wound it back only for it to break free when we were looking for the bucket (the :wife: was sitting on it the whole time saying 'get the bucket get the bucket' :wacko: ).

About 15 minutes later I landed a cuttlefish. Another fisho came up and asked if he could use it for jew bait and we gave it to him and wished him good luck. We soon caught another cuttlefish and then called it a night - total 2 hrs of squidding. It was good fun, the orange jig did the damage but strangely a lot of others had orange jigs too such beginners luck :1prop:

One question remains, is cuttlefish good bait?



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sounds like a lot of fun, I'm also new to squidding, haven't had a session where I've caught one before...

We're planning sometime to head down to the Hacking River, and try squidding on one of those wharves down there.

Seems like a lot of cuttlefish are there though.

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