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Mixed Bag In Wallis Lake


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Hi all

I headed home from Lake St Clair yesterday, after cutting short my weekend there, due to the galeforce winds that whipped up late on Fri night & didn't stop thru to Sun morning, when we decided to pull the pin! SHame, as it was gorgeous when we arrived on Fri afternoon!

So, I was itching to get out & catch a fish, and with a nice high tide at mid morning today, I headed out with high hopes.

The wind was pretty strong, but I knew that I would be pretty sheltered where i was going!

I paddled up the Breck Channel to 'K Spot' and started throwing top water lures around and was rewarded with a nice breambo to 32cm on an NW52 pencil that I had coloured myself! I'd tossed it at the side of a boat & had decided to retrieve it as it was too far away, when WHAM! A bream launched itself at the lure, hooking it! I was shocked! Luckily I had strong leader on as it took me around the yak twice! The guys from the oyster shed all stood up to watch the landing of the fish!


Shortly after, I headed into the shallows & continued throwing sammys and poppers around & got another small bream - both went back to grow bigger. I had more hits & misses, but no more bream landed.

I was really getting into the shallows now - less than one ft of water & tossed out a popper & when it took off, I thought, oh no!! Not another long tom ..... but no, it was a nice whiting!


As I headed back to the main channel, I swapped to a 3" shrimp & cast it out - almost instaneously, I hooked a good flattie & it took off in an arc - it towed me & I was unable to retrieve line, just hang onto the rod & reel ........ then it spat the hook! :( Bummer!!

I back tracked & cast out again & got his smaller brother ....... a 47cm flattie. In the bag he goes! :D


Heading back to the pickup point, my mirage drive malfunctioned again, but as Rod had given me the replacement bit (and I was still using the repaired one from last week!) Not a major ..... it will be fixed tomorrow! :D

All up, a good day on the water!

Cheerio for now


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Hi Roberta , don't that wind give ya the heebie jeebies, you still got some nice fish though, that whitng looks great in the pic with that popper hangin' out of its gob. Hope you get your mirage drive thingee fixed..


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Sorry I missed this report Roberta... That's a beautiful Whiting. I think you may be giving away some of your secrets in regard to lure colour though :biggrin2:

Might be changing my lure choice next time out. I found some nice weedy flats inside Jumpinpin that are itching for a fish.

Cheers, Slinky

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..... I think you may be giving away some of your secrets in regard to lure colour though ......

hehehehe maybe because both bream & whiting have yellow fins ...... who knows why it works ...... but whilst it does, I'll be tossing them around!! You still have to find the right spots to toss them tho! ;)

Give it a go & let me know how you go!



Hope we can catch up either on our way up or down the coast!

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Hi Roberta,

I enjoy your reports and photos, always informative.

Do you mind telling me how you manage quick lure changes in your yak, especially when you change from HBs to plastics, do you tie direct to the leader each time or do you use a wire snap connector and if so do you use a swivel, it doesnt look like it from your photos.

What ever you do it always seems to work a treat.

Thanks and cheers,


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Hi Langa

Sorry for the delay in replying ..... am on the road, heading north to northern Qld at the moment!!!

Re the lure changes .... usually, I take 3 rods with me, one for placcies, one for divers & one for poppers (with my most popular lure on each) ..... then occasionally change them (sometimes with a strong wire snap connector .... not a cheap one) but normally with a knot!

I normally hope that my preferred lures will 'do the damage' then I don't have to change them! :1prop:



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