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Can't Find The Iki Spot


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Apologies if this is an old topic. Been catching a few school jew lately and have been butchering my attempts (and the poor fish of course) at dispatching using a brain spike. I thought the sweet spot was diagonally above the eye, towards the back of the fish. I have been trying with a space about the same width as the eye, between the eye and the spike.

Can anyone give me better directions to avoid undue suffering.


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I don't know if this helps you Humesy?

To Iki Jime a fish imagine the line of the false gill plate continuing to the top of the fish. Then imagine there is a line from the top of the fish eye travelling towards the tail. Where these two lines intersect, insert the Iki Jimi spike angled towards the eye and centre of the head into the brain case. Fish will twitch vigorously for a second or two if brain case is pierced. Use this as a rough guide to learn the correct point for each fish species you encounter.




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