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Flatties & Bass

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Last Sunday in the gail winds on the south coast the flatties decided to play. My dad and I went to the back of the creek and with the 4' SMELT (big plastic ,big fish and their choice) we collected about 25 fish ranging from about 40 to 83 cm. My dad had a shocker collecting every tree and snag with I had a blinder, 58, 60 , 65, 74 & 83cm all in about 2 hrs. Then on Tuesday arvo had a bass session and broke in a new Ian Miller bass'r rod purposely built by Ian for the same river we fish, 36 cm first fish on a Mega Bass Griffin and the fish second 40cm on the nose. Caught another 9 fish in the 2 hour session. Up to Coffs this week and will hit the rivers after work, all good!



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G'day mate, great fish there you caught, that's a good couple of sessions, It's a thrill to get new gear and even better to catch a fish or two with it.

Good luck up Coffs..


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Paul,it is a very new rod the first he has made for a client. To my knowledge he still has not used his. The rod was conceived by my need to through hard bodies(mainly surface lures-jitter bugs,torpedoes etc) from the canoe in certain rivers chasing bass. He showed me one he had just completed for that specific purpose, looked good so I ordered one. Specs are 6'0", 2-5 kg, 3-12 gram lures. I have a baby stella on it with 3kg crystal braid and fish a 6-8lbs Rock FC leader. The rod has lots of power and casts extremely well, from baby griffins to the heavy jitterbugs. I have landed over a dozen so far and two fish at 40cm in two different river systems 700km apart.

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