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Bottom Boucin And Jigging Reel


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gday raiders

im looking at a bottom bashing and jigging reel to catch sambos kings big pinkies etc

a saltist and torium are in my price range but im not a fan of the toriums high ratio

maybe is it worth saving for a saltiga or trinidad

can anyone reccomend or give me any past experiences with these reels or whats best for the money.

i would like to run 80lb braid on it

thanks in advance


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I have a Trinidad 40N. It would suit you down to a T.

I have loaded mine up with 600m of 50lb braid. Next time I think that Ill go with to at least 80lb because it seems like I could get about 100 m or so more on the reel.

Excellent for jigging and it has heaps of drag. Go for the N model as it is the narrow spool. I find it a bit hard to lay the line properly on the wider model when I am jigging.


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