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Hi all,

Because of my working commitments I have very limited time to fish these days (missed the whole summer :( ). Hope there is still some kingfish in Botany left for me. And my fishing sessions are not very long (couple of hours at max) so I have no time to catch live bait. So I would appreciate some help with buying bait:

1) I used to buy pilchards in the bait bar (not frozen, where they just wrap it in an old newspaper for me)... heard there is a "jucier" version of pilchards sold in a vacuum packets. Which piclchards are better and where do I buy those sealed ones (I live in Syd South / Sutherland area)

2) Squid: once again I can buy "unforzen" - usually pinky ones - in the bait shop, or local tackle store has frozen squid (white ones). Which one is better?

3) Is there any value in dead garfish sold?

Many thanks

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it suprised me to find out recently that a lot of seafood shops sell bait too.

i saw one in leichhardt that had fresh pillies and something else (maybe slimey)

they also have fresh garfish.

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i think you need to go out more! :1prop:

almost all fish shops sell sardines (pillies), yellowtail, slimies, garfish, herring, silver biddys and every other common baitfish you can imagine as food for the table. unless they are packaged and have bait stamped on the front

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