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Avoca Rocks Today


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Hi Raiders,

Headed to Avoca on the run in tide around 2.30pm and was rapt that I'd finished work early to wet a line.

About half an hour after I had set up, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, grab n run. (i'd never seen line peel off a reel that fast) I tried to strike but the hooks must have pulled as my bait was still intact on retrieval.

2 hours later and 2 'Non Locals' slippin over on the slippery rock surface (and a silent chuckle :074: )not much had been happening.

Local Ray R rears his head, keen on catching a squid or 2 and it wasn't long before we're shooting the breeze, watching and runnin on occasion from the rising swell.

Bout half an hour before dark Ray R lands a nice little trevally (which are also known as blurters, cause of the sound they make when trying to tell us to put them back into the drink. Blurrrrrt, blurrrrrt.)


I'm still wondering weather or not these little buggers like squid as Ray R was using stripey tuna for bait.

Guess it wasn't quite my day.

I think I'll use a second dropper on my peternoster rig in future and get two different baits out there to give the buggers some choice. Cause today they had a choice but it defenately wasn't the one which I had backed.

Anyway, Ray R caught a smaller version of the pictured model bout 5 mis later, then we decided to pack it in for the evening.

Ray R (2), Mercer007 (0).

Will keep you all posted on my progress @ Avoca as it is now my local haunt.

Till then,


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