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  1. Me and wher'd all the fish go always use the chicken pellets mixed in water with some tuna oil and bread to raise the yakkas. I use a bit of peeled prawn on a no 6 long shank. Usually get a few bream as well as a by catch. I don't use bait jigs as they always seem to tangle and end up throwin them away. Lead size will depend on current and swell. Cheers
  2. Awsome catch mate, hats off to you
  3. What happened to your hat?
  4. Any ideas on what this is. Pete
  5. Well done Pete, It was a nice kingy you caught and even though I'm a little dirty I didn't win, I feel you deserved the victory. Tight lines 007
  6. Well done Pete. A few nice fish there. Love the last miniute sessions, especially when they pay off. way to go on the trifecta.
  7. i went for a look up at wisemans the other day and I thought the water looked too clean. Shows what i know. ripper flatty and some great bream there Pete
  8. Going to Hat Head for a well deserved break. Just hope the weather is kind to me.
  9. Camo will be happy with a few battered fillets for dinner mate. Not bad catching a fish during your lunch break, or was it on company time. Either way, well done..
  10. Hi Guys, I went Bream and Pig fishing early Sunday morning to a fave rock ledge of mine. I burlied hard for an hour or so before first ligh and was pleasently suprised when I saw a big blue groper swimming around. Totally unprepared, I drop a whole prawn on a 1/0 french and hook up to a beast of a fish. The fish ran hard towards an outer reef, then he turned and ran straight back at me. With barely no swell I was able to manouver myself up and down the ledge to tire the fish out. I washed him onto a lower ledge, jumped down and gilled him. He was over 70cm and official weight was 7.8kg. I've caught other groper, but this is my first over 3kg, and my first off the rocks. Maybe COTM? 007
  11. Hi Guys, I'm just starting to chase kings and need a little advice please. I Launch in BW and can get livies just over the bar but have had some trouble finding the kings. I've tried at the mouth of the Hawksberry and also around box head and kilcare. Now I know these spots produce fish but I must be doing something wrong. I don't have down riggers or anything like that. What I've been doing is anchoring up and sending the livey down on a 1.5mt leader with just a ball sinker to keep it down near the bottom. I've also tried trolling close as I dare to the rocks with thse same set up and a bigger ball sinker to try to get the livey down a bit. Lastly I've tried anchoring up and setting the livey under a float about 3 to 4 metres down. Only once have I been hit but unfortunately didn't hook up. Now, I'm not asking for spots, just a bit of advice on what I may be doing wrong. Cheers Pete
  12. Can't wait fro my son to get a little older so I can take him fishing. Well done on getting out there. Talk soon .
  13. Sounds like there's alot of water between fish, but that jew is a beauty. Well done Pete, you put in the time, you get rewarded
  14. good on ya leo. I eat the squid and use the heads as bait also. They always get nailed by something. Talk soon. Pete
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