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Botany 7/5/09


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Hit the water a bit before 6 and headed straight to yarra bay for some live bait. The yakkas were around before we even had time to drop the anchor and they were in plague proportions! Ranged from the size of my thumb to about 20cm. Whilst there we also saw the biggest pike I have ever seen. Well and truely over 70cm just crusing around with the yakkas...

With a bait tank full of yakkas we headed over to molli point up until just after the high tide for nothing.

With no luck at Molli we decided to head out to the FAD. Got out there only to find that the FAD was no where to be seen (I'm guessing because of the current) which was a shame because the water was a balmy 23degrees. We drifted in and around our GPS mark for the FAD for a while but there was no sign of any fish. We didnt have the GPS co-ords for the wide FAD so we decided to cut our losses and head back in closer to shore.

Travelled around to the desal plant and had a drift along the rocks when a rogue kingy was spotted chasing up my mates sinker. We chucked the anchor and burleyed like mad. Within about 2 minutes the boat was now surrounded by what can only be described as LARGE sweep! :mad3: Threw some livies and tuna slabs out amongst the sweep hoping there were some kings in amongst them. Had one nice run on a tuna slab but hook didnt set. After about 45 minutes of nothing but sweep they all of a sudden disappeared. We kept the burley up and there was nothing around. We decided to head in a bit closer to the rocks and as we were bringing in the livies to bring in the anchor they were followed up by 3 big hoods! :tease:

For the next hour or so we had kings darting in and out of our burley trail and following our baits. Managed to get 2 hook ups, both landed. One went just on 70cm and the other about 63. Unfortunately the bigger models were not interested in anything we had to offer them. We tried everything, big yakkas, little yakkas, tuna, pilchards, jigs, soft plastics, slugs, you name it to no avail! :05:

About 130 they disappeared and the wind got up so we decided to call it a day.

Shame not to get onto the big kings as was the plan but sometimes its enough just to have the pleasure of watching these great specimens get up to there antics just meters from the boat.

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Its a shame you never found the wide fad as some guys i know fished there last weekend & found plenty

of nice dollies around it.You are right about the water out there it was great apparently & good to see the

dollies around so late in the season too.


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