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This Weekend


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looks like awesome country :thumbup:

i hear the redfin are great to catch. and eat for that matter.

better luck next time


hi there matt yep there are fun to catch . very good eating .ill be back in about 6 weeks hope :thumbup:

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I am supposed to be hitting the Murray in May for a big weekend, gunna go near echuka (spelling).

Isn't redfin an introduced pest? and if you catch them you have to kill them and not return them to the water?


yep your right there coast-bloke . redfin should not be returned to the water if caught. ..... it is also an offence to translocate them from one site to another and strict penalties apply

opps echuke my X father own a pub down there :1tongue:

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Great looking contry Ankles. I would wager there may have been a beer or 2 consumed over the course of the weekend.......

Where abouts on the Murray were you???


hi the jethro beer nar not me :beersmile::beersmile::biggrin2: maybe 3

where about was i... well its spot Q... :biggrin2: nar bookham or was it coolac ...

nar its bookham on priv

ate porperty :biggrin2:

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Hey ankles my mums sister lives at echuca  but i could not be bothered to go down there.  :1tongue: Ill have 2 go nxt time i just find it boring as hell at echuca oh well :thumbdown:


dont like fresh water fishing there tyrone. fresh water fishing can be boring but its a bonus when you hook a big cod or a trout cod . bonus 2 is fishing with your mate get pist :biggrin2::biggrin2::beersmile::beersmile::thumbup:

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