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Kingfish Poppers

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Hi All

got my first Kingy last year landbased and with a free popper i got with a magazine - it was called a craterface.

It now stuck on a Kingy's face or at least was permanently

Was wondering what poppers are good for Kings and in what colours, was told that Halco Roosta's were good, is this true?

Cheers Jono :1fishing1:

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Hi mate,

I've had success with catching kingies on the Halco Roosta 105 poppers (can also use the 135 model for larger fish) in the pilchard and bonito colours.

See the manufacturers link for lure details and colours. Halco

Awesome fun watching kingies climbing all over each other trying to get at the lure :D


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Halco roosters

the price isnt to bad

once you lose them it doesn,t hurt to much.

Really all your looking for is something that gives you something that breaks water surface

and is built not to pull to bits ie (eyelets)

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I fins that skipping poppers and plugs work best. They leave a great bubble trail and can work in calm and choppy conditions, and dont roll over themselves. A bit of speed can get shy kings going..also works well on bonnies and salmon.

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