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Boatox Gets A Makeover

mr magoo

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puting this post up for my brother BOATOX

a few months ago rob bought boatox ,a 5.1 metre centre console and has used it nearly as it was ,but for a few rod holders,now the time was right to fix up the floors and add some storage ,a new floor put in and extra battery and a few mods to suit his fishing style

so i gave a mate a call who does this type of work and he was onto it

heres some pics

this is boatox


first some bling from gary at seriously stainless


the floor is removed and the hull gets a wash and the trees removed ,yes trees



the new floor starts goin in for a trial fit before being removed and treated


floor is getting carpeted now



floor is in



the magican steve


battery boxs for the electric and the second starter battery


side storage cupboards are now getting made



more storage




sony amp and head unit are fitted


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hatch's now in


side storage carpeted ,speakers fitted and deckwash hatch containg hose fitted


front speakers and including sub ,all waterproof



nearly there


the side storage


now all the assorted stuff that we carry in our boats is making its way back in


making use of side pockets


well there it is boatox gets a spuce up,couple of minor things to do yet but when do you really finish working on our boats

cheers arman


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thanks for putting this up for me Arman

i spent about 30 mins trying to do it!

the boat is now perfect, its so good to see people like steve do what they do

being a keen fisho he knew what to do, and what was needed to improve this boat.

it looks like a lot of weight that was added but all in all id say about 40kg, we also moved alot of the weight under the water line to add some more stability to the boat, the floors are reinforced with alot less flex than factory. this is how the boat should of come from factory. i have all my stuff in the boat and the boat feels empty thats how much storage i have and it stays away from the elements which in a centre console is very important

id like to thank steve for his time effort and workmanship, you truly are a freak.

it truly is worth every cent my boat feels and looks brand new!

thanks to my brother for all his help and recommending his mate steve to me

also thanks to my old man for his help especially for doing the impossible with a ladder that was suppose to cost me over $500 including a berly bucket. it ended up costing me $130

and thanks to mani for the help with the electrical work

a few more pics the removable ladder fro swimming and cruising


this ladder is removable and will normally hold the berley bucket which is almost complete


also slimey tubes fitted and wired up


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awesome...as good as if not better than a new rig...hope it brings ya many fish :thumbup:

thanks mate, it is better than it ever came out factory, its amazing to see the short cuts taken on some boats from factory.... but now i know everything in my boat from the hull up is perfect and re done. this is a boat that will be in this condition in years to come the marine ply was coated several times, there wasnt a short cut taken, it did cost abit its well worth it, to have it the way you want it and as practical and purposeful as you want it to be.

i cant wait to get some fish on it!

especially some offshore fun!

its 2001 alleycraft 510 reef prince centre console

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Well done on the extreme boat makeover...... :thumbup: . awesome job . If you guys are making the new Aussie series pimp my boat , can the MUDSHARK be first........

Cheers John...

mmm,the mudsharks a big job,probably take to days to remove all the rodholders mate,lol

cheers arman

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