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Fishing In Bali?


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Hi hi,

a few of us are heading over to Bali on wed and we got together tonight and we said that a fishing charter would be sweet, and makes me happy!!

Quick question, if anyones been over there before and can recommend a charter?

we're there for a birthday, so staying for a week only, which is a shame, but a pretty sweet gig at the same time!!

incase you've been there before and wondering where we are staying etc, we are staying in The Villa's in Seminyak, 8 of us in a 3 bedroom villa... hells yes :D :D many a bintang to be had

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I'm going over in july and was thinking a charter would be good too.

Don't know anyone myself who has done it..

I did some internet searches...suggest you do the same as there were a few options.


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I've been to Bali too and have experienced a fishing charter but would not recommend. My advise is be careful who you pick and thoroughly research as despite the nice glossy brochure showing very nice clean vessel with lots of Marlin and Tuna does not mean anything. Even ones recommended through the big hotel chains can be a little suspect. Good luck.

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