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Hand Held Uhf Radios

Kiwi Dan

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Hello raiders,

My 2way radio has died in the @rse unfortunately. Instead of ripping it out of the boat and installing a new one I am thinking about buying a hand held radio instead and was hoping to receiving a little advice.

Good brands, model numbers etc?

What radios people are using now which seem to do the trick?

How wide can I go with a hand held?

Any other pros and cons of the hand held.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hand held units dont' transmit or receive as well as a properly installed monted unit with the correct aerial.

GME units are competitively priced and I have two units that have been operating for a number of years with no complaints.

The nature of our business, we also have Icom hand held units model IC-M32, which have also operated for the same duration with only 1 to have become unserviceable. This unit was submerged at a depth greater than the 1 metre maximum specified on the unit.

The Icom handheld will set you back at least double the cost of the GME mounted unit. Murphy's law seems to always prevail with anything that is not bolted down in a fishing boat. It will inevitably be dropped, knocked over, or worse still, lost over the side into the water. They don't float very well.

There is also the issue of charging the battery and maintaining that charge so as the unit is ready at any time you are to go fishing.

Hope this helps


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