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Problem With Engine?


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Hi Raiders,

I have a question about my 40HP merc engine. Its only about 4 months old and i am not sure whether there is a leak issue. When i run it in the open water it runs great and even when i flush it out at home it runs very smooth but it may be leaking oil?? I noticed that the leaves in the corner of my yard, where the water pools from the flushing, had a oil slick around them. Now i have only just noticed this after flushing out many times so the oil on the ground could just be a build up over time but thought i would ask some advice. I do measure pretty carefully the right oil to petrol ratio, as its not oil injected, but could i do any damage putting too much oil in? I was using a mix of 25:1 for the run in and now its 50:1. I think i probably have a mixture of about 35/40:1 at the moment as i forgot to take the measuring thing to the servo last time i went out.

Cheers for any help. Mike.

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