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I Have A Tinnie, But No Trailer


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Hey guys, got me self one of those fibreglass dingys for free, and would like to take it out some times to fish. Just wondering what is the best or cheapest way to get it on the road? I only have a normal Toyota sedan car with no tow bar, Would it be safe to get racks installed on my car and tie the dingy on my car roof? is that safe? or would it be better to get a trailer and tow bar installed on my car? Getting the towbar plus harness and trailer seems pretty expensive, I am only a student, so i don't really work, any suggestions raiders?

Thanks :1prop:

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Just quitely, if its small enough to fit on a Toyota Corolla, I probably wouldnt be taking it out fishing.

Or, if it is half descent, get some racks, load it up, strap it down. Maybe modify the racks on the roof to sit the boat on. If your going fishing with a mate, both of you can lug it to the water.

Ive also seen little fibreglass boats that have wheels attached like a trolley, so you can wheel it down to the water.

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not sure about the actual measurements, i would say its the length of a average car but abit shorter, im guessing a normal average size tinnie, its them hard plastic fibreglass tinnies, not alumnium, so its not that heavy, i can lift up one end of it with one hand, so loading it on a roof with 2-3 people is no problems, i say its anywhere between 50-70kg, Im guessing the option is to put it on my roof rack?

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