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im not trying to be a smart ass or question your authority. but it does say the bar is for NON-FISHING TOPICS. so why are we sticking to fishing posts??

Sounds like a smart reply to me. Admin and mods are very busy and we read every post that is put on this website.

We also get pm's and emails from members who have taken offense at jokes posted that sometimes deal with bigotry, racism, vilification and the like.

We get very tired of people posting up old jokes that everyone has already read or heard somewhere else. I get tired of reading how "stupid" women are or how they spend too much money or why a Greek is sillier than a Lebanese etc etc etc..... I am real sure if I started to post up all the jokes about men then I would be crucified.

Don't forget this forum is part owned by a female and don't ever question my authority in running this forum. If you don't like the way it is run then you are free to go post elsewhere, we never make anyone stay here it's your choice :adminpower:

If you or anyone wish to discuss this further then feel free to pm me anytime :biggrin2:

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