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A Bit Of Bad Luck


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Took my boat in today for a new winscreen to be installed under warranty after waiting 3 months for the rush to slow down over chrissy and the parts

I rang Blakes to ask what time it would be ready to find they had cracked the new screen as it was made slightly bigger and the holes would'nt match and had cracked my old one also

So it looks like no boat over Easter but they did offer me a live bait tank installed in the transom for $380 instead of $495 so I suppose that helps and the new screen custom built to suit from the factory so its fishin with the brother this weekend :1badmood::1badmood:

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Tough break (no pun intended) I gotta say though I'd be making a ruckus about not having the boat over easter. I know :05: but no boat for a 4 day weekend :ranting2:

I would have they would make the effort to get you back on the water as fast as humanly possible and the fact they didn't ring you, well I'd be seriously looking at where I take my business in the future :thumbdown:

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