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First Ever Report


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Hello Raiders,

Long time reader, first time Report.

Unfortunatlety no photo's this time round but definately in future.

Me the wife and our two kid's who are all very keen fishermen headed down to Port Hacking on Sunday in our brand new boat. The conditions were ideal especially after the wind we had on saturday, none the less we were eager not to go home empty handed. After launching the boat down at Grays Point we decided to go for a little cruise around first sussing out the new rig.

Our first stop was Great Turriel Bay. We circled around a bit and stumbled across short but deep 25m hole there and the fish finder was showing up a stack of fish down there. After burleying up the water we quickly dropped our lines in and not long after we bagged our first snapper which measured in at 42 cm.

we hung around there for about 2 hours and ended up with another two 40 +cm snappers and a decent plate size bream. My son being keen to move to the next location which was at the opening part of yowie bay saw us landing a nice 40cm Trevally and two farely large leather jackets.

The catch of the day goes to my 8 year old son who only ever dreams and talks about catching flathead pulled up a nice 35cm gurnad near lilli pilli baths.

A fantastic day and start for us on our new boat which has been a dream for many years.


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Nice report robust and welcome to Raider.

The snapper may be small by other standards but they are a good size for inside.

The only issue I have is that I have always thought boats were designed to run away from the missus and kids not take them with you. Each to their own I suppose.


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:1welcomeani: to the site robust.

That's a nice 1st report & well done on a top day on the Hacking.

So tell us some more about the new boat mate! :thumbup:

Great to hear the whole family enjoys their fishing. What better way to spend a Sunday?

Congrats on the gurnard for the young bloke. I hope he nails that big flattie soon.



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LOL Right you are Dave but must keep all parties happy :1fishing1:

Thanks Grant...

we picked up our first boat which is a quintrex 440 coastrunner last thursday and put her out on the water for the first time on sunday mate.......it's was great.

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:1welcomeani: to FISHRAIDER.

Its good that it worked out for you that day and thats one way of christening the new boat as well.

Its always nice to hear families that enjoys a day out together on the water and just imagining kids faces when theyre hooked on....



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G'day Robust, :1welcomeani: to FR, nice report mate, you scored some nice fish too, and how good is it to get a brand new boat.

Hope you had a few bucks left to go and buy a little digi camera to grab some snaps of your catches..


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:1welcomeani: to Fishraider robust, and what a fantastic way to open the account. Sounds like you and the family had a terrific day on the water with the new boat being christened with a couple of terrific fish.

Congrats to the young fella as well.

Heres to many more days like that with the family, and hopefully next time there will be some pics of not only the new boat, but of the massive haul of fish that you guys are bound to get.

Keep em coming mate.


Mrs Flightmanager

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:1welcomeani: to Fishraider Robust.

Congrats on your first report, your new boat and what sounds like a great session with the family. It's amazing how much fun kids get out of fishing... particularly when they catch ooglies and oddities like Gurnard. :thumbup:

Cheers, Slinky

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