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Finally Landed My 1st Luderick


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The last time I had a good blackfish on, I was gutted when I couldnt land the thing on the stones. Things were made a bit easier this morning as all I had to do was wash it up on the beach, even then I still think I came close to loosing it.

Fished spot X, a sheltered bay, but the swell even here was too much for an inexperienced rock fisho to be game to venture out, so I opted for the beach which has a good dropoff. The first half hour I was convinced it was impossible to fish here as the wind was blowing hard towards me putting a big belly in the line and the swell was hiding the float 50% of the time. The swell would bring the float it and I'd wind the slack but then when it wanted to suck back out again I'd give it some line only for the wind to rip out a huge belly, which I'd wind back in but be affecting the natural drift of the float. Trying hard to keep the natural drift, I missed a couple of downs.

Somehow by some flukish chance (just the once), I got it right, the float went under and I struck to feel some thumping headshakes. I was paranoid about the underwater structure in front of me so I didn't take as much time playing the fish as I probably should have, but managed to wash the fish onto the shore with a big woohoo! The fish was hooked right inside the mouth (lucky!) and the hook was slightly bent. I'm sure I'd have lost him had he been hooked in the soft part of his mouth or if some big swell decided to wash in an suck out at a critical time in the landing phase. I'm sure these skills will come with experience, but the only way I'm going to learn is by loosing fish. I'm certainly not opposed to a bit of luck every now and then though!


MODS. I'm not sure of your policy of showing non-site sponsors logos, websites etc on brag mats, so I've cropped and blurred the appropriate parts of the photo. Let me know if I dont need to bother next time, but no wuckers either way. Cheers

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Great looking fish mate, well done.

I collected my weed today, cautiously! the swell is huge. You could su rf the harbour I rekon.

Hopefully the wind is low tomorrow and i'll try for some blackies my self.

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Congrats on your first luderick Yakfishing...

And can I say a big thank you for being thoughtful enough to have considered site rules when posting. As flightmanager said, the pic is fine and the effort is apprecitated. On behalf of our sites sponsors who keep Fishraider going you get the gold star for the day mate. :thumbup:

Cheers, Slinky

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Thanks guys, yeah I actually don't mind winter so much now i can target blackies. Good fighters and beautiful on the plate, they get a tick in every box. Bring on the 50's!, tho one I lost a couple of weeks back felt like one

Craig, yeah you know you want to mate, don't kid yourself :1prop:

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