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Not Enough Room In My Boat

Basil D

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Hi all, after me & Pete went out last time i decided we didnt have enough room in the boat and needed to modify it, well i thought i could built two boxes and sit the seats on top the boxes on swivel plates.

started out with taking the seats and then thought well bugger this I repaired the rear section of the boat why not do the front, before I knew it I had the floor striped out, glassed the beams and cut the ply, re glassed the floor, :thumbup: looking I thought.

measured the seat height i wanted, 500cm, wifth 35 square cm, put them together, sealed them in with resing and flow coated the lot.

fitted a new bait tank, two builge pumps, a new 50 litre fuel tank, repaired the fish finder, carby kit and water pump throught the secondry motore,a cutting board and three new rod holders.

Also fitted a new marine cb radio and aerial.

Did the wiring and housed them in tubes.

the end product, took longer than i thought but hey, i have lots of room now, fits 4 life jackets, air horns,

torch, flaires, v sheet, 6 litres of water, three lunch boxes and all the bits and peices, leaves me pete and my son Spinner7 with lots of fishing room :yahoo:









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