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Snyders Gone Wat Now


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well everybody i went the other day and bought 3 new snyder rods gonna pay them off and then if ne are left buy some more...

i ended up getting all 3 alvey mounts and 12 foot models

i got a mag blackfish rod which i think is a 3 wrap but wasnt marked but will fill the hole for a alot of my bream fishing i got a new 4 wrap and a 8 wrap but alas with only 7 snyders left at my 3 local stores unfortunately none of which are sponsors so i cannot mention them but there being only 7 left i am now thinking that there will be a massive hole in the market that i dont think ne1 will be able to fill in the near future....

snyder and butterworth blanks for so long have been the only choice for rock work and beach work for many individuals but what can you do it has been done...

I understand gary howard has begun to attempt to expand into the gap but is a long way off being all that the aformentioned have been. but just wondering what is everyones impressions and where is everyone goin to replace the hole left... i know before people mention the fact that the end of snyder has been covered already but was curious as to where others are goin to fill the hole......

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I only know one tackleshop who has a decent range of Pacific Comp or as their known now Excel and to be honest I could have brought THREE Wilson blanks online for the price they wanted for one. I don't know if their made in NZ or Asia but I"m sure Wilson will get the whole market eventually and charge whatever they like.

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