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Quick Run Outside Anyone ?

allen glover

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They have one only a couple hundred yards off the Lion now don't they ??  Dunno where its measurements are reported though ??


These readings are taken from the wave rider in 100m about 8 miles off sydney heads. check this out for further info. MHL web site

the yellow float that appeared in broken bay is actually an test acoustic sensor used to identify boats. well thats what waterways told me when I rang to ask em about it a yr ago

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knapers if you're facing lion island from umina beach the left side of it.

in certain swells a right hander breaks off it.

you can see how it could build when theres a 2m swell around as it sucks up early towards the reef.

if you go over it on your sounder you can see an exposed bit of reef that is shallower on the side than most.

a couple of my mates a sponsored surfers and they just take things a bit too crazy. the day we were out i was on the ski, was towing them in.

it doesnt break like that often, when its breaking box is usually going off as well.

we do tow ins off a reef up at forresters beach also.

"forries lefts" its right next to a right hand point break named bansai.

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is centuries up near norah head?

so many reefs have so many diff names :/

heaviest place ive surfed is the zone.

was about 8-10ft when i surfed it well bodyboard it.

was pretty heavy

yeah id be watching box the next few days, when the wind buggers off, if its still raining it will turn glassy and thats when you wanna be there!!!!!

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the forecast today is.......................

"fresh to frightening"

There is nothing wrong with those swell measurements.............its all realtive to the size of your boat

5 knots and less - my 13ft fine

50 knots plus - Queen Mary as a start

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They were having a lend of you Allen, its an inshore waverider. Follow this link:



Im happy to be proven wrong but still not convinced as these are only "forecasts".

it also says this.

"Forecast wind waves (sea) are calculated using the wind at the wind forecast location"

Also no bouy indicated on the map just the forecast point


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