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2 Piece Rod For Light King/jews <$180


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I would like to consult the brain-trust that is the fishraider community and ask for some advice on what gear to buy.

I have been thinking about purchasing an outfit for landbased fishing, was initially thinking that it should be used for both baiting and some lure work, primarily for chasing some smaller kings/jews or small pelagics. I was thinking of a 7-8ft, 4-7kg flick stick and 4000 sized reel with some 15lb braid, am i on the right track?

For some bigger soft plastic work i think this setup would be ideal but if i wanted to set some dead or even small live baits i'm not sure if it would be appropriate. I was thinking of up-sizing to a 5-8kg rod which might give some more grunt for baiting but i'm guessing that would hinder my ability to cast soft plastics and lures.


I've pretty much set my sights on a Shimano Symetre 4000 for the reel as it has a good retrieve per crank of 94cm so i can get metal lures zipping fast enough. However, i am open to suggestions for a similar reel in the same price bracket of <$170.

Rod: (Has to be 2 piece)

I was thinking of a Shimano Rack raider, in particular the Snapper Lt 732 which is rated 4-7kg with casting weight of 7-21g.

Was also thinking about the Rack raider Snapper 762 rated 5-8kg, casting weight 15-45g. This rod has more grunt and i was thinking it might be better suited to baiting than the 4-7kg one but it has such a heavy casting weight which i think will make casting 1/8oz (3.5g) and 1/4oz (7g) jigheads more difficult. It might not have as much finesse either.

What do you guys think?

I also stumbled across a Team Daiwa Tierra rod (TDTR 702MHFS) which is rated 8-17lb, casting weight ¼-1oz (7g-28g) for around $150. Has anyone used one before? The guy in the tackle shop recommended it over the rack raiders because he has seen quite a few broken rack raiders. Has anyone else experienced this?

Any other recommendations for <$180 spinning rods?

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My opinion is that 15 pound is too light for kings. Jew may be ok but i use 20 and 50 pound on two different reels and get smoked still with that. It really depends on where you are fishing but the gear that you mention is all good stuff. Havent used the snapper raider rod but heard ok things about it. The reel is a good value for money reel and should be ok. I personally hate baitrunners as they are very one dimensional. Could only be used for SP if you have been on the roids for the last 10 years. If you want a reel that is multi use then the symetre is a better option in my eyes. Will be fine for casting metals and SP as well as using for bait fishing. It doesnt have as high a drag, i think, as a baitrunner but if you are going to use 15 pound line then thats not important. Anyway i know i probably will cop a blasting for putting down the baitrunner but everyone has different views. Cheers. Mike.

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Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it.

Any more opinions from people before i decide on a purchase?

The vibe i'm getting here is that maybe i should just stick to 2 separate outfits, 1 for bait, 1 for lures. I guess i'll just have to fork out some more money instead of trying to combine the two :(

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I have a shimano rack raider. I think its a really good rod for the price, i am extremely dissapointed with the quality of the cork grip though, little slivers falling out of it every time i use it. may just be a one off but when i sent it back they said there was nothing wrong with it, infact the rep just glued back a large piece of cork that had broken away instead of replacing the grip :ranting2:

They may have rectified this problem in the new mexican fire rods though..

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Mate one of the combo's I have for this type of fishing is a Symetre 4000FJ matched to a Starlo Stix Maxspin Tournament Pro 7'2" with 14lb crystal Fireline.

For around $300-$350 (cant remember exact price) for the lot its a great bit of gear. Casts a mile, loads up very well and is light and comfortable to use all day.

I only use it for medium sized plastics fishing but So far Its knocked over,

Kings, Jews, snapper, stripies and Dollies and never had a problem.

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How does everyone rate the Symetre FJ 4000? Advantages, disadvantages?

Any alternatives that rate well for the same price (around $150)?

Is 15lb/20lb braid a good match for it?

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