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My Fisrt Tuna For The Sesion


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Hello there people, i got a call from my cuzin during the week saying that he was possibly going out for a fish on the weekend? I told him to give me a call on thursday and i will let him know if i was going so i studied the water temp and weather and decided to go on saturday so come friday. I had my cuz and a freind come over friday night 930pm as i got home from work i loaded the boat with my game gear as we decided to go for a tuna fish and bottom bash so we threw in the reef queen.We launched the boat at rose bay and went out and got some livies and waited for day break, as day break came we set the gps for the shelf and cruised out at 20/25 at that speed it didnt take long to get there.The water was beautiful and it was clean and very calm aswell. Anyway we arived at the shelf and threw out some lures we then set the gps for browns so off we cruised at 10 knots and we were all pumped the water temp was 19.8 all the way to about 1 mile from browns and zzzz and in came in a stripey of about 3kg lures out again and just before browns zzzz another stripey that went into the esky aswell for bait. We decided that we would give the bottom a bash so out came the reef queen and 3 nice baits down to the bottom wich took a while :05: anyway i wont get into it to much but we ended up with 9 gem fish and two of them were real thumpers! Also we got two blue eye cod one was 10kg cleaned and the other was 11kg cleaned :thumbup: so after that effort i decided to go for a cube as i was doing most of the dropping and retreving but i did get some help and it was around 1230/1pm so off we went south of browns to spot X :biggrin2: we pulled up and started to cube, the water was 19.8. so we cubed and we cubed and we cubed and about 1hr and half into the cube we could see some albacore tuna braking the surface about 600mtres away and my cuz was saying lets move i said nope we have burlied for to long, you should of seen the look on his face it was so funny. Anyway we continued to burly and by this time it was around 330pm i threw out alive yakka out and stripped about 70 metres out and left it there i was thinking to myself by this stage maybe i should of chased them albacore but the other side of my brain said forget it and kept cubing for the next hr with only a mako of around 70kg cruising around we puy out a shark rig and nothing. Anyway it was starting to get dark when i noticed them swirls a distince away from the transim i said to the boys get ready they looked at me as i was tripping but any one who has done a bit of cubing in there life knows the swirls im talking about! :1welcomeani: anyway i kept cubing while keeping a look out when i seen this thing i yelled out holy fffff_ _ _ kkkkk it was the biggest tuna i have ever seen estimated of around 100 odd kg it looked like a massive blue fin! :1yikes: It stopped it ate 3 or 4 cubes infront of me and zooooommmm it was gone i cant beleave it didnt even eat the live yakka. By this time it was dark and i had about 1kg of cubes left when i noticed my rod with the yakka starts to shake shake shake at the rod tip and then it just loaded up and i grabbed my rod and pushed the lever up to strike and pop! :ranting2: Then my mates rod loads up and he shits him self as it was his first tuna trip out.With our head lamps my mate played the fish and i was waiting for the pop as i was thinking it was the shark that took my bait, but nope it hung in there finally 30mins later i see this big silver shimmer and i struck the gaff straight into its head and heaved it over the side and thump onto the deck it went my mate flipped out hahaha it was a big eye tuna of around 35kg i donged it on the head and it was all men for them selves i tied the quickest uni knot possible and threw out another livie and i was on in about 10 seconds flat, and in came a albacore of around 10kg like rappid fire i threw out another live yakka and 5/ 10 seconds later off went my tiagra again this time it was a albacore of around 12kg :yahoo:. Anyway by this stage it was around 6ish and i was still 30 miles off shore in a blood covered boat with all these fish to clean aswell as i had been up for 24hrs i was tired so i decided to head for home. Moral of the story is don't leave a burly trail when cubing and if you feed them they "SHOULD" hopefully come lol ps i only left because the fish went off the chew and i was battered and tired i will add some pics hopefully tommorrow as my freind took all the pics with his camera happy fishing steve.

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Great Effort , Do you have any pics ?

There nothing like seeing a tuna snatch a cube at the back of a boat , Especillly after putting so many hours in and not seeing a thing .

Seems to be shapeing up nicely out there lately


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Well done mate,just goes to show that your dedication paid off for you.Sometimes you just have to stick to your guns and not move when youv'e got a good cube trail going even if your crew dont understand and are getting a little impatient,i've been in the same situation as you several times,once again well done


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