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Here Are The Pics That I Promissed


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you always catch fish when I am not with you :1badmood::1badmood: not happy

I am still waiting for that phone call

I will drop the rope in on sunday

see you


Hey there pete im so sorry bro as i mentioned when chatting that it was a spur of the moment trip i promise we will go as i have told you that your one of my crew members any day! :1fishing1::yahoo: Hey let me know if your comming over for sure and ill organise to defrost so gemfish and tuna and we will have lunch as i think my mate gaz is comming over aswell, my mate that came to jb, let me know cheers steve

Hi Steve it's Sam mate.

nice bag.

is the big tuna a Big Eye or a Yellowfin?

Hey there sam whats happening well sam the more i look at it the more i think its a yellow fin! :biggrin2: it had me bluffed as the colours were not there they say that big eyes sickles are not even or centre to each other anyway im calling it a fin im going to get a book that identifys and give caracteristics on each species do you know of any good books?

thumper fish mate.. awesome stuff


Squid Hunter :drunk:

Thanks squid hunter it was a nice fish i didnt expect to catch one that size but persistance paid off i suppose but i would of liked to hook up that big girl that i seen in the trail for around 5 to 10 seconds it was well over the 100kg mark anyway once again thanks, cheers steve.

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no i do not know of any book's sorry.

Dont worry mate one day it will happen as i have came home empty handed a few times :05: the trick is to have a plan of attack and stick to it dont try to do to much in one day happy fishing cheers steve.

looks like a great bag

i wish when i go fishing i get that much fish


Hey there sorry for the late reply i have been told by an expert :wacko: that it is a yellow fin!

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I think it may be a big eyed yellowfin

nice haul mate

Yasu there stevo long time no see matey i was at the club last meet but didnt see you there. Yea i have had a good run touch wood as on my weekends off i have had good weather so you know me im out 24hrs at a time :1fishing1: i left in the dark and came back in the dark. The fish were very good eating nothing like fresh fish, my mate was preparing sushi while we were filleting fish at 1130 at night. People dont realize the time that goes into these trips. My mate caught his first tuna and he was screaming like a girl when i lifted the fish over the side onto the deck he was shocked on how big it was he didnt know what to expect hahaha i had to sit down as i was pissing myself laughing. Anyway we had a good trip and i was happy to blood in another vigin, we had a blast of a day cheers stevo we will catch up soon down the club.

Great day out boys,that's a top bag of fish & very nice eating too.

Well done Stevo!!



Thanks For comments Tan we had a blast of a day it all came together for us cheers steve.

awesome just awesome

Sorry matey it is Rose bay if you look closely you will see the wall and nelsons bay is open nothing to protect you from the winds! :mad3: i hate nelson bay ramp especially when there is chop in the bay! :mad3::mad3::mad3:

is that at nelsons bay in the first picture?

Hazza i aint correcting you because you hit the nail on the head thanks for the comments and happy fishing cheers steve

Great fish

I think that is at rose bay boat ramp. Correct me if im wrong

Thanks for your comment and let me tell you a secret? Save your money and dont be in a hurry to buy a boat and dont buy a heap of shit boat buy something good the first time dont do what i did buy heaps of shit :05: that wont do the job you want it to, i learnt the hard way :1prop: so i saved my dollars and had a custom built boat to suit my needs :1fishing1: cheers steve.

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