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Smoked Salmon


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Last week on friday, my dad taught me how to smoke Atlantic Salmon.

Ill give you some tips and some pictures.

My Dad Recommends using fruit tree wood for the smoking, he personally uses Plum Tree Wood to smoke

We usually do it in a batch of 6 though, so not sure if its the same with 1 Salmon

We also would put the fish in around 4-5PM, and take it out 8-9AM next day

[1]Firstly you'll sprinkle salt onto the salmon itself, inside and out.

[2]Then in the smoker, heat it up to around 60, then put the Salmon in

[3]Try get the smoker to around 30-40 Degrees

[4]My dad would usually keep it in for around 16 Hours, and 30-40 Degrees, though over time it will get cooler

[5]Take the salmon out 16 hours later.

Note that these salmon at 3-4KG in weight, so it may be different for different for other Salmon

And the result



Hope this help you all


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seriously luke do you eat it hot or cold i've never eaten it before

your set up looks very good and may inspire me to build one myself

mmmmmmmmmsmoked tailor and eeles and meat jerky

man im hungery now gary

Hi gary

You can do both mate.

Whenever i smoke fish i always do at least 2 fish because i always devour 1 hot. Normally have a few mates around at the same time. It is unreal hot!

You can have it cold on a fresh piece of bread or on cracker. Either way it is awesome.

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Ditto with KiwiDan above - make sure you do two because one will be devoured straight out of the smoker - delicious!

One of our favourites is smoked tailor the flesh is suited to a 25 minute 'hot smoke'. The kids love it

Try it out Gary!!



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