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7' Or 9' Rod Landbased?


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Ok guys, quick question:

For land-based bait fishing for smaller kings and jews around wharves, jetties etc (but not on rocks), would you prefer a 7 foot or 9 foot rod?

I guess a trade-off with a shorter rod is less casting distance but more direct pulling power on your side which equals less leverage for the fish to pull.

I'm not sure if a longer rod will help land the fish when its close to shore though, since its extra length could help keep it away from pylons but could it also mean less direct force from the angler to pull the fish away from said pylons?

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Mate I use a 10' rod for all my LB fishing, I just change spools depending in the requirements and what am chasing. (spools with 30lb and 30lb respectively)

Also depends on where you are fishing, often you can get away with an 8' or 9' rod but I prefer a 10 or more personally cause I get the extra cast distance and also the extra bottom end grunt to pull the fish out from the rigged coutry in most areas. Bigger (ie. loger rods) have more finesse to them and I reckon you can "feel" the fsh easier on a longer rod- feel = control (unless it so friggin big no matter what you got you gonna get bricked!!!!)

I think though from your enquiry that the 9' would better, especially if you are chasing Kings, Jew and bigger predators from the shore.

Anything less is a waste of time and you will get bricked often- I know I have been dusted by 3 Jews in 4 weeks on 20lb with my 13' outfit fishing locally in Parra River.

My rig EASILY nrings up 40cm + Bream and 60m + Flatties, Jew n problem unless they are big and dust me early in the fight

Hope this helps

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I agree with Jewiehaven I use a 11 or 12 foot for all my pelagic fishing off the rock, beach or wharf as I feel I can control the fish once it is near the wharf/shoreline. Obviously you will get dusted by bigger or smarter fish but this is going to always occur. Best bet is to have a decent sized reel with good quality drag and give the fish hell straight up or you will be dusted regardless of rod length. I like at least 20lb (usually 30lb mono) oof wharves and rocks whch might be overkill in a boat simply because kings especially fight dirty.

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I reckon 9' rods are a handy size rod to have for fishing off jetties, off rocks and small sandy areas in estuaries and also are not too long to get better casting distance and to be able to fish above and behind the seven footers on an open boat.....


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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the shorter the rod the more power you have but the mojority of time is spent casting and holding

longer rod may get out to a school of fish small rod will be a bummer as you wont be able to


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I'd go a 7 footer, you don't need to cast far to get those species off a wharf and the leverage you get makes a big difference when trying to stop a kingie from getting into the pylons.

If you have to navigate a kingie with a longer rod from getting to close to the pylon's it's too late and nothing you do will stop em. But then again this is only my opinion. I prefer going softly softly and hope they go out to the deep water then tire them out rather then having a green fish close in.

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Thanks for all the replies guys, it is greatly appreciated.

I have taken it all into consideration and can tell there are merits for both options. I was starting to favour the 9' path, however, in the end i went for a 7' Ugly Stik Platinum that was on sale and couldn't pass up the bargain.


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