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Recreational Fishing Closures


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Was planning on a fishing/camping trip to Myall lakes but came across this DPI alert.

Recreational fishing closures

I was honestly surprised by the amount of waterways closed to recreational fishing

All closures

Can anyone provide any further information about the duration/motivation for the closure? Given the amount of red-spot in recent years it is hardly surprising.

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Looking at the closures, you are not even allowed to use a landing net.... i can appreciate why they dont want you to use prawn nets, but what is the benefit of not allowing landing nets?

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Correct me if I'm wrong but the way I read that you are allowed to fish and prawn, just not with a net other than a hand net.

"Methods of fishing prohibited:

Any method involving the use of a net, other than the following:

a dip or scoop net (prawns),

a hand-hauled prawn net,

a push or scissors net (prawns),

a landing net, "

You might have to read it about three times like i did.

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