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Think I'll Try For Blackfish

Richard Warren

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After reading on Fish Raider about all the luderick that were being caught recently I decided to give this form of fishing a go myself. Well I read through the "Best ever tips for Blackfish" in the Fishing Chat area. Then studied my old map book that proclaimed spot X was the best place in Cowan to catch these fish. Collected some silky weed and some cabbage. Looked up the tide chart and decided to fish the out going tide on Saturday afternoon.

I arrived at Brooklyn a little latter than I was planning for but still had quite a bit of the out going tide left. Launched the boat and proceeded to spot X. Anchored up parallel to the shoreline and started drifting the weed baits along the face of the rocky shore. I looked away from the float for a second to grab a handful of berley and when I looked back I couldn't see my float. I wound up the slack line to try and locate the float and all of a sudden I realised I had a down. I struck but came up empty. At least it looked like there could be a few around. Next drift I was a lot more vigilant. Sure enough another down but this time I was ready. I lifted the rod and I was on. I landed the fish. It was a luderick. It was only 150 mm long but it was the type of fish I was targeting so I was pretty happy. I continued getting fish for the next 2 hours and while most of them were 150 to 250mm I did get a 2 that were 28 and 29 cm which I kept for a feed. Sorry no pictures as the camera battery went flat.

Even though I didn't get any of the monsters that are in some of the other reports I was pretty happy. One of the things I enjoy most about fishing is the preparation. Formulating an idea in my head of how to go about targeting a certain fish and when it comes off with a bit of success I find that very satisfying.

I don't know if I have been converted over to the dark side yet but I can see the attraction.

You don't have to pay a lot for bait.

You don’t have to wake up before the sun.

They are reasonably plentiful through winter when some of the more fancied species are slowing down.

Even the small ones I caught give a good account for themselves.

And on top of all that they taste pretty good.

Maybe I just need to latch onto some of those 38 to 40cm models and then there is no going back.

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Well done on landing some on your first 'go' Rich ...... terrific result! Just wait till you DO get some of the bigger versions - you'll be hooked for sure!! Even better on finding your own weed! Sometimes, that is the hardest thing to do! :1prop:

hehehe as soon as you look away, the float always goes down!! Hence my advice ..... always keep your eye on the float!!

Cheerio & good luck with 'the big ones' on your next outing! Maybe try a bit deeper, too or even further out from the rocks - sometimes the bigger ones lurk further out as they have less to fear than the smaller ones.


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You get a lot up at Britannia Rock a place that fishes both tides thing is you have to move the boat about some days you get them 3 to 4 boats lengths out and down deep then other days you only need to be one boat out. I have fished here and actually had to move the boat on the same tide, great spot have not fished there in a long time though.

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